You can feel the air getting colder and colder these days and I can bet all you have in mind while walking in the freezing air outside is a nice tasty, hot soup.

How about a tomato one? Here’s how it goes: you mix the fresh or canned tomatoes with 200 milliliters of water, garlic and ginger using a blender for about one minute.

Their consistency needs to be soft. Then you move the mix into a large pan and complete it with tamarind, coriander (both fresh and grounded), chilly (preferably green) and seasoning.

Put all that on the fire, let it boil and then cook it at medium temperature for about 25 minutes. You can always add a little bit of water if it looks too thick, but you need to keep your eyes on it and watch its consistence.

Then you will heat about three tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, add some mustard seeds, let them heat up and then add the red chilly and the cumin. This mixture should be fried for about 10 seconds, then removed from the stove and poured into bowls so anyone could add it to the soup at their liking.

Not your every day soup, but surely one to keep you warm.



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