A fresh crunchy potato and fish pie can be a delightful choice for a dinner if you and your family are fish lovers.

It is not even hard to prepare. Depending on how many portions you need, you will first have to boil the potatoes for about twenty minutes and mash them with butter, condiments and a bit of milk.

The fish needs to be cut in small cubes (about 2cm each) and mixed with some boiling milk, cut onion and bay leaves in a frying pan for about eight minutes.

You will need a bit more butter, melted in a pan and mixed with flour until it reaches a smooth consistence; add some milk and stir for about five minutes.

Add a touch of salt, some pepper and parsley in the end. The oven must be heated at about 180 degrees C, put the fish in one or two dishes and add the sauce.

After you have scattered over the prawns, add beaten eggs on top and cover it in mash so that it reaches the sides of the dish, finally top with the remaining butter.

Bake for about 30 minutes and serve immediately or freeze and save for later (in this case, you would prefer not to add the eggs before baking). Bon appétit!



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