Kitchen GadgetsIt seems in every aspect of life nowadays there are so many new gadgets and items that make things easier or faster or better.

We have iPods that have GPS and we have GPS that have phones. We have coffee pots that can be programmed to have the coffee ready for you when you wake up and we have ovens that can do almost anything.

So what exactly are the kitchen gadgets out there and what exactly do they do?

The gadgets we all probably have in our kitchen or have at least heard of and are aware of their functions are the food timer, measuring cup, tongs, colander, whisk, can opener and pepper mill as well as the food thermometer, measuring spoon set, box grader, cutting board, veggie peeler, and some sort of high tech coffee maker.

Some gadgets you may have in your kitchen but are less common just because they aren’t necessarily necessities to your kitchen however they make things really convenient, easy and efficient are the spoon rest, knife sharpener, biscuit cutter, pastry blender, egg slicer, garlic press, splatter screen, ice cream scoop, corkscrew, Microplane zester, kitchen shears, strainer, sifter, electric mixer, rolling pin, apple corer, pizza wheel, cheese slicer, quality electric can opener and bottle stoppers.

Now, there are some really neat kitchen gadgets that you probably don’t have but you may want to be the first person on your block to get one of these cool items. There is a salt and paper shaker set that look like batteries.

For those of you whose spice rack is overflowing there is a new gadget called the MUJI Spice-Leaf Book. This gadget stores many different spices in a cool little book. All you do is rip off a page with the seasoning you want and drop it in your soup or chili or whatever you are making.

Instead of a tea ball that holds the tea leaves while they diffuse in your cup of hot water a company is coming out with a little mesh shark that floats around your mug of hot water with the loose tea leaf inside. It will make the perfect cup of tea for you.

Can you just imagine how cute it would be to have a salad bowl shaped like a potted plant with tongs shaped like a peace lily or other type of plant?

Salad Plant Flower Pot is going to offer this and you can surprise your dinner date when you pluck out the leaves and start tossing your salad in the pot.



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