Although we are not exactly in full cauliflower season, here is a nice tip of how to prepare a tasty and very healthy cauliflower sauté frittata with a thyme bottom of form.

What makes it different from all the other cauliflower sautés is that you top it with bread crumbs made at home to give it a lovely crunchiness.

What you will need for this recipe are three tablespoons of unsalted butter, one of extra-virgin olive oil, half of medium head of cauliflower cut into one inch florets – that turns into about two cups, some sea salt, one big onion, sliced in thin parts, three small garlic cloves, also sliced in thin pieces, ten large eggs kept at a normal temperature and then beaten lightly, two tablespoons of dry bread crumbs (obtained from about one piece of toasted bread) and two teaspoons of thyme leaves.

Don`t forget the parmesan cheese (fresh and grated) and the truffle salt balsamic vinegar (preferably aged), for serving.

In order to prepare the crumbs you can toast a slice of bread and add a garlic flavor to it and then grind it. Now… the advantages of the thyme bottom in this recipe are tastiness and thyme is an exceptional condiment with medicinal value if you know how to prepare it right.

It helps prevent bronchitis, coughing, cures most infections of the respiratory system and efficiently combats the inflammation of the throat.

So such a delightful antipasti treat can be both tasty and healthy.



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