OlivesApproximately 6 thousand years ago, one of the oldest foods known, olives, are discovered in Crete and spread to Egypt, Greece and Asia Minor.

Since ancient times, these tiny fruit help people with dieting and healing and are a symbol of health and peace.

Thanks to the Spanish and Portuguese explorers, in 15th and 16th centuries, olives are brought to America.

They can only be harvested in September; but they are stored, oxidized, and they can be consumed throughout the year by themselves or with various meals.

Olives, besides their delicate taste, are a great helping hand for the human body. The olive oil is rich in content: 75% oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fat that helps to lower the blood cholesterol levels. They are also an important source of vitamin E.

Olives and olive oils are very popular in Greek, Turkish, Spanish and Italian cuisines. Almost all the recipes of these cuisines are made with olive oil.

Practically odorless, the olive oil can be added to any kinds of pasta, meat, salad and vegetable recipes. Not to mention the perfect combination of sausage, peppers, cheese and olives on a delicious pizza.

Olives and olive oils also can be consumed at breakfasts with cheese. In the countries which olives are popular, the breakfast is cheered up with olive oil poured in small clay bowl with red pepper and oregano for dipping the bread.



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