When it comes to drinks, one has to make an effort to please one’s guests. As surprisingly as it may seem, the Algonquin cocktail is very suitable for an elegant afternoon party even though not so suitable for the proverbial happy hour.

Usually when entertaining guests the drinks come as something a host must master completely and perfectly but in the mean time, something that would create a cheerful disposition, stir up a positive mood and…not leave a headache for the morning after.

The Algonquin is a personality drink, suited for classy canapé snack, for lovely cucumber sandwiches and most of all for lovely salty snacks we all know and appreciate when enjoying a drink.

This cocktail has the personality of the whiskey, the character of vermouth, and the best of the pineapple flavor.

Creative, elegant, exactly right for a sunny day but also for a chilly night spent by the fire, the Algonquin is a dependable source of joy when you lack inspiration and you are looking for the perfect drink to amaze your friends.

Just mix blended whiskey with dry vermouth and pineapple juice and put it in a cocktail glass filled with shredded ice. Enjoy it with your friends and have a wonderful party.



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