Potato SoupNo one can reject the warm welcome of the soup in a cold evening. Whether it is easily prepared or not, a soup is always the delicious starter point of a joyous menu.

Especially, soups which contain various ingredients are more welcomed as a proper meal for a healthy stomach and potato soup is no exception.

As one of the most popular dishes all over the world, the first soup version is discovered by Incas around 3000BC.

Then the Spanish took the recipes from Incas and spread the flavor throughout the Europe. In 1621, potato soup found its way in North America and then the journey began inside the whole country.

The soup itself made its peak when the Hungarians’ favorite food named Gulash (Gulas); which is a dish made from various vegetables such as onion, potato, green pepper, tomato and beef turned into a “soup” and became famous.

In addition, the Irish traditional food includes potato soup based on chicken meat. After the potato soup conquered the world; ham, bacon, smoked meat, etc…, were added to turn it into a complete meal, instead of just a soup consumed before the main course.

Adding all the veggies and various kinds of meat; all ingredients are cooked in a healthy way so that they keep their vitamins inside the soup. Being a vitamin bomb and a healthy meal, potato soup offers a great delight to those who taste it.



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