A hot bowl of stew… what could be better after a cold winter’s day? And what could be more nourishing?

To name even more advantages, stew is not even expensive nor is it hard to make. Here is a way of cooking a delicious stew with not so many ingredients and in record time.

Depending on what you prefer, you can add either meat or fish in it, but the vegetables and the sauce are mandatory. The pieces of meat need to be cut in small pieces and they need to boil in a rather large quantity of water (not as much as in a soup, though), for a long time.

The vegetables need to be sautéed first to release their natural flavor. Then you can add the meat and brown it together with the vegetables, to make their flavor more intense. After adding the water, you will boil the mix until the consistence of the meat gets tender and juicy. An extremely tasty recipe is the beef stew with mushrooms and carrots. It is said to be the most appropriate recipe for cold winter days.

Another one you can try (this one is very simple to make and its cooking time is hands off) is the pork stew with olives. It has a really interesting flavor and it is extremely nourishing. Feel free to combine the ingredients as you like and even invent your own favorite receipt for stew. It will always be a guaranteed delight for you and your guests.



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