You will be surprised to know that you can have sexy and savory dishes with tea. These dishes are also easy to make in a few minutes. To make a tea-smoked beef tenderloin with pear salad, all you need to do is mixing tea leaves with brown sugar and rice and smoke the steak in a pan.

tea smoked beef tenderloin with pear salad

If you are a vegan, you can try green tea tamarind marinated tofu with vegetables.

Impress your friends with fiery tea smoked chicken appetizer, which takes a little extra time for preparation but it is all worth it. Want to introduce more flavor into your pork chops? Then add fresh spearmint, sage and garlic, which makes it to tea spiced pork chops. You can also make chocolate black tea cake, cinnamon lemon tea and green tea bath salts. How would you like to have your tea?

Source: food2



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