Absolutely no one can imagine a cake, especially a wedding cake without butter cream.

butter cream cakeThe ultimate ingredient for weddings is shaped into various combinations and colors to cheer up the cake.

There are 6 major types of butter cream. They are: simple (American), decorators, meringue-type, French, Pastry-cream type and fondant type butter cream.

Generally, (considering the simple butter cream) a butter cream is made by creaming powdered sugar and fat. As desired, the lightness and consistency may change during the creaming session. Then eggs/egg yolks/egg whites and enough milk are included.

Butter cream can be found in any flavor and any color. There are so many ways and methods to decorate the wedding cakes with butter cream.

To decorate a wedding cake, the handling plays an important role. The butter cream includes lots of butter, so it has an easy structure melt. The decorated area, especially in summer or spring wedding days, can be cooled or chilled in the refrigerator to prevent melting.

wedding cakeAlso the decorations that are made with butter cream icings can be covered or stored in the refrigerator for several days. Before using, the icings are left to come up to the room temperature (which can approximately 70F degrees).

Like a bride veil handling, the decors can be throughout the cake, can circle the cake or can be at the center of the cake. The icings made from butter creams can also form letters, simple shapes like hearts or complex shapes like flowers or bride & groom statues, etc.     

With desired amount and desired color and flavor, any traditional American wedding cake can be decorated with delicious butter cream able to dress the cake and make any bride proud.



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