cornHaving grown up in Iowa and spent a lot of my childhood years in Nebraska (the ‘cornhusker’ state) I never thought I would ever experience better and more tasty corn on the cob anywhere else in the country.

And as I grew older and moved around a bit I never did find that I could experience any corn on the cob nearly as good or tasty as I did back in those childhood days in Iowa or Nebraska.

Even restaurants that I went to that claimed to have Midwest grown corn on the cob or promised the best and sweetest corn, but didn’t deliver as far as I was concerned.

Over the years and throughout the family get-togethers I have accumulated a list of recipes and ways to try to attempt to make corn on the cob somewhat close to as good as it was back in my childhood days in the Midwest.

Of course you have to realize there are only certain times of the year where you can actually buy really good corn on the cob and I would imagine there are certain areas of the country and of the world where corn on the cob is a rarity so be cognizant of that when you are searching for your corn on the cob to buy.

A few ideas to make your corn on the cob just a little more tasty and sweet like the sweet Midwestern corn on the cob are to add a little bit of sugar to the water.

When you start to boil the water in the pot on the stove for the corn on the cob to be placed in, add a little bit of sugar to the water. Also if you like a little bit extra crunch to your corn on the cob, try adding a little bit of milk to the water.

And yes, you can add both the milk and the sugar to the water to make it crunchier and sweeter corn on the cob.

While the corn is still in the husk (before you have started preparing it or boiling it) you can try to soak the corn in their husk in water.

You can soak the corn in their husk in water with sugar and a splash of milk and then opt to grill the corn on the cob instead of boiling the corn on the cob until it is completely done.

When you are shopping for your corn on the cob keep in mind you want to buy as fresh of a product as you can find. In certain seasons and certain states, this will mean spending a little bit more money than you may want to, but it is worth it for good corn on the cob.

Another way to try preparing the corn is to throw it on the grill in the husk, grill for about 10-15 minutes turning every four to five minutes.



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