You are out for dinner with a group of people at a steakhouse and someone suggests a few bottles of wine; what do you order?

You are at a seafood restaurant with your in-laws and the pressure is on they are looking to you to order a bottle of wine that will complement the fish; what do you order? The waiter presents the bottle of wine and you taste the first sip;

wine bottlewhat are you looking for? You go to the liquor store for wine as a gift for your aunt’s cousin’s ex-roommate and you say to yourself; what am I looking for exactly?

The world of wines can be confusing and overwhelming and intimidating to say the least. However, the world of wines can also be fascinating and intriguing and easy once you understand a few basic ideas about wine and the wine industry.

First of all do not pretend to know what you do not know. And do not pretend to like what you do not like. Just because you don’t like white wine does not mean you are any less sophisticated than the person across the table drinking the glass of chardonnay.

white wineAttend wine tastings as often as you can. Not only will you learn so much more about wine every time you go to a wine tasting but you will also drink fabulous wines and meet great people you never knew before. Wine tastings are a fun experience that everyone should have.

No matter what you prefer whether it is white wine, red wine or you could go with either, always look at the color of the wine. Think of wine as artwork and you want to take everything about it in.

While you are holding your glass and before you take your first sip, hold the glass against a white background. Really look at the color.

Know this: As white wines age, they turn to shades of yellow. Originally white wines start out with a pale straw hue and eventually as they age they definitely become darker shades of yellow.

red wineRed wines as they age become a little lighter. However we want aged red wines. Aged red wines are good. Aged white wines not so much. And as far as desert wines go, they become brown as they age.

You have seen this in movies and it looks pretty stupid and you may feel stupid doing it in front of people but there really is a reason people swirl the wine in their wine glass before taking their first sip or any sip for that matter.

The reason we swirl the wine is to let it breathe. Think of it this way, the wine has been bottled up for long and it needs to breathe so swirl it to allow this to occur. This will make it taste better!



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