Did you ever imagine the Italian traditional macaroni and cheese cold actually become… more than macaroni and cheese? Here is a special way to cook it, guaranteed fun and delight.

Start by mixing 3 tablespoons of milk with a generous side of corn flower and some mustard. Then heat some milk and add a bit of garlic, let it boil and after you set it aside, mix in a touch of chilly powder.

Grate your two favorite types of cheese, but do not mix them just yet, add cheddar (about a handful) and some pepper in a bowl of breadcrumbs and then slice the tomatoes and the onions (the pieces of tomatoes need to be medium, while the onion needs to be finely cut).

Heat the oven at 170 degrees C  while you boil the macaroni for about 7 minutes. Add some sliced spring onions and stir for about 2 minutes more.

You will prepare the sauce from the two milk mixtures brought to boil until they reach a soft consistence, add buttermilk, parmesan, pepper and some cheddar. Dry the boiled pasta, put it in an ovenproof dish, top it with tomatoes and sauce and place it in the oven for about a quarter of an hour. Let cool and serve.



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