ShrimpsShrimps are one of favorite sea foods of the world, being famous for their taste and easy cooking style.

Prawns and shrimps can be boiled, sautéed, grilled, steamed or deep-fried with their shells. Also they can be cooked with the vein or deveined without their shell.

Here are some tips to cook shrimps:

The first step is to decide whether the shrimps are going to be cooked with their shell or not. Then, pour two-quarts of water in a deep pot with slightly added salt (and lemon juice as desired).

After boiling, shut off the heat and pour all the shrimps into the water quickly. They can be gently cooked between 3-5 minutes, then remove them out of the water.

The key point of cooking shrimps is to be fast when pouring and removing. After the first cooking sessions, various kinds of delicious dishes can be prepared.

For the asparagus shrimp salad, cook enough amounts of asparagus and shrimps and pour them together in a pot with a slice of lemon. Then add the dressing (includes salad oil, vinegar, salt, basil, oregano, parsley). Serve with cheese/pepper/onion mixture.

For an Italian style dish with shrimp, stir cream, butter, parmesan cheese, milk and little water for a classic alfredo sauce and prepare fettuccini.

Then blend cooked shrimp with fettuccini and sauce. Serve in a large bowl and add parmesan cheese on it when it’s still hot and you will have shrimp alfredo ready.

Shrimps are a nice cooking adventure to take on and they can turn into an original and tasty variation of the daily dish.



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