A great detail to take note from apple crisp recipe is the main ingredient itself, apples.

To everyone, it is a fruit which is eaten everyday as a part of daily life.

applesTo be more specific, it has a lot of health advantages that keep our body in good condition such as prevention of different kinds of cancer, lowers cholesterol, maintains good metabolism that helps in dietary concerns, and helps in diabetes management.

It is no wonder why apple crisp recipe is a favorite not only for its scrumptious taste, but also for its contributions to health concerns.

The advantage of cooking up an apple crisp recipe is that it is very easy to make as compared to apple pies and other apple recipes. It does not take too much of your time, and as efficient as it is in making them, they have an excellent taste.

Apple crisp recipe is a favorite dessert by many, especially in the western regions of the globe where apples grow in abundance. The ingredients for apple crisp recipe are very easy to find and should not cost that much as well.

Apple Crisp RecipeThere are hundreds of apple crisp recipe available from trustworthy sources. This may actually confuse you since most of them look the same in terms of procedures on how to cook them, and quantity of ingredients involved. So here are examples of basic apple crisp recipe:

  • Apple Crisp– this apple crisp recipe is very common as it has ingredients such as apple wedges, sugar, cinnamon, and topping ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar (brown or white), and nutmeg nuts. Adjust amount of ingredient quantity depending on how many guests you wish to serve.
  • Oatmeal Apple Crisp– this apple crisp recipe is customized version of the apple crisp. It is actually a question or preference whether you want oats in your apple crisp or not. The ingredients are basically the same such as apples, sugar, cinnamon, and topping ingredients such as flour, butter, brown or white sugar, nuts, and a touch of uncooked oats.
  • Healthy Option Apple Crisp– this apple crisp recipe is usually followed by those who go on a diet, but still want to have apple crisps as part of their meals. It is as simple as replacing some of the ingredients with other healthy alternatives such as low-calorie butter, and healthier sugar alternatives.

The procedure in cooking an apple crisp recipe is generally easy. There are actually three parts of the procedure to remember.

  1. The preparation of the apple base is the first step. It involves greasing the baking pan, mixing the apples and cinnamon with butter and placing the apple wedges on the pan.
  2. The next part of the preparation is the topping, which involves mixing the remaining ingredients butter, flour, nuts, and oats on a separate bowl and topping it off on the apples itself.
  3. Heat the apple crisp in the oven at 375F until a crisp, golden brown crust appears on top of the apple crisp and from there it would be ready to be served.

Remember to keep in mind the quantity of ingredients you use. The more ingredients you have, the more guests you can serve.

Always keep an estimated count of guests you are going to serve so you do not end up cooking more than you are supposed to.



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