wineI have been to many weddings in my life, and I must say that my wedding was the best.

My wedding had the most well thought out absolutely fabulous menu.

A wedding menu has to be put together just right. Not too much of one thing, and not enough of something else. You don’t want to buy 30 bottles of wine or champagne.

Keep in mind that you are having a wedding and not a wine tasting event. A wedding menu takes time to plan. So sit down, take a breath, and we’ll get through it together.

Staying on one pattern and making it so that everything must be all white, cream or yellow is a very bad idea. These colors are too mundane and boring.

You really want to try to keep away from the traditional food wedding colors. Color combinations for your wedding menu is all about exploring other color coordinating schemes besides just the traditional colors we normally see.

If you are planning on getting married in the spring or Summer time, you have a variety of bright beautiful shades and schemes you could use. Think cherry tomatoes on mozzarella and bright green parsley or dill in sour cream dressing.

If you are getting married in the fall or winter months the colors for these two seasons are endless as well. Using lavender petals on muffins and some orange slices decorating a potato salad is a very good idea.

The best idea of a wedding menu is to pick it for yourself and not let yourself ruled or guided by the “know it all” caterers.

If I would have done that, I would have got stuck with a sea of, cream, mayonnaise and marshmallow that would have made me and my white wedding dress melt in the scenery like wallpaper.

Instead I chose lettuce decorations, lime slices, red oranges, blood orange and zucchini. If you cannot “see” the combination let me tell you that nobody misses the salmon canapés that you get intoxicated with in every wedding but everyone fell in love with my cucumber sandwiches.

wedding fruit center pieceGoing along with color schemes and combinations, this is also something you should keep in mind when you are planning the wedding menu.

If you are having a Spring or Summer wedding, the endless things you can do with fruit is amazing.

Incorporate the same color fruits and tones of fruit with your color scheme. My wedding was in the spring, and we had fruit center pieces that our guests could eat off of before, during and after the meals. The color combinations and lively décor truly added to the joy of the event.

The cake of course is one of the main attractions at your wedding. It is one of the most anticipated events during the reception. Everybody waits in wonder as to what the cake’s design and taste will bring to the already wonderfully planned event.

When in the process of trying to select my cake, I must have taste tested a hundred or so different types of cakes. Almost everything tasted similar to me.

wedding cakeI was waiting for that moment when my taste buds told me this is the one.

Finally I had just about had enough, when I was almost swept off of my feet by the chocolate mouse cake.

The joy in flavors and joy in taste was absolutely exquisite. We choose a simple tier style cake, gently laced with ribbons and flowers that were touched with just a bit of red and purple.

The dark chocolate mouse on the inside and white chocolate fondant on the outside sure made for some sweet memories I don’t think anybody will ever forget.

When I look back and remember my wedding day, I am truly happy that I took the time to be patient and plan one of the most perfect days in my life.



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