Lately, there is such a huge tempting variety of truffles that invade the markets and offer such a delight to our senses.

Probably the best thing about truffles is that you can mix your favorite ingredients in without a fear that something might come out wrong, here is a case in which I have added my absolute favorite dessert components to prepare truffles, and the result was splendid.

For 45 to 54 truffles you will need about half a kilogram of dark chocolate, one cup of heavy cream, quarter of a cup of sliced fresh ginger, two tablespoons of Chambord, two tablespoons of soft unsalted butter and two cups of shredded and sweetened coconut.

The cream and ginger need to be mixed, boiled together and then let cool for about an hour; discard the ginger and bring the cream to boil again, adding the Chambord and butter, then process until smooth. Add the previously processed chocolate and put the mixture in the fridge for about two hours, covered with plastic wrap.

Then scoop round and use your hands to roll the truffles; refrigerate again for another half an hour, pass them through vanilla sugar, chilly, small candy or chocolate powder, let them leave for a room temperature for about a quarter of an hour and serve.



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