clif barsMany of us are on the go so much in our daily lifestyle we don’t have time to stop and think much less stop for a good and home cooked meal.

More of us than ever are turning to the meal replacement bars and health bars that are on the market.

There are so many on the market nowadays how can we possibly know which ones are really healthy for us and which ones are just glorified candy bars?

What should you look for in a health supplement bar or a meal replacement bar and what should you stay away from in a meal replacement bar?

There are usually five main categories on the nutritional listings of the health bars followed by indicators of where the source of protein is and where the source of sweetener is. There will be a category for calories, fat, carbs, protein and trans fats.

There will also be (in most) a category for what the fat source is as well as if there is an artificial sweetener involved. The fat source can come from milk protein, almond butter, palm kern oil, coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, and peanut butter for some examples.

And usually the labeling will indicate if there is an artificial sweetener involved with the health bar and if so what that artificial sweetener is.

Some health and meal replacement bars will indicate where the protein source is for the bar as well. For example the protein source may be milk protein, whey isolates, soy isolate or even hydrolyzed collagen.

Whatever the case may be the label of ingredients should indicate what the source of protein is.

There are South Beach Diet bars, Special K bars, Fiber One bars, Cliff bars, Shaklee carbo crunch bars, EAS chocolate caramel bars, MetRX bars, Slim Fast bars, Keto bars, Power Bars, GNC bars, Atkins Chocolate Decadence bars and Natralean chocolate crunch bars.

So what exactly should you look for in a health bar or meal replacement bar as you are considering the best option for you and your family? First of all make sure you are going to purchase an actual health bar and not simply a glorified candy bar with a few grams of protein.

Also, look for agave and grape juice on the ingredients label as natural and low glycemic sweeteners. When looking at the fat source remember that almonds are a great source for fat as they are loaded with monounsaturated fats.



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