Edible arrangements have been defined as a creative way to beautify your table. There are thousands of offers how to arrange your table decoration with snacks and even hamburgers.

There is also ice-cream decoration and edible flowers on the top of the most preferable cakes in the restaurants. In case you want to do the same, but in your home, take a look at this unique edible arrangement – a vase with bacon roses.

This edible bouquet is made with bacon and replaces the artificial flowers with edible flower pieces.

bacon rosesThe surprise at the table could be achieved also with cheese roses. The preparation is easy. You just need to stick the ham or the cheese at the top of the bouquet.

Another good and unusual idea is the hamburger bouquet that represents mini hamburgers gathered together in a bouquet. When it comes to edible fragments, you can use almost anything from your fridge. Just make sure it can last few days.



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