Apple pie recipes form part of every American family tradition. Its stellar appearance in every major holiday made it everybody’s favorite and at a point, iconic and distinctively very American.

apple pie recipesFamily tradition all over America will tell us that apple pies are usually served at the end of a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

It is always present during Christmas Eve as well as every Fourth of July commemoration. As such, apple pie recipes are considered to be one of our favorite comfort food of all time.

Apple pie recipes are basically a fruit pie and oftentimes it is also made into tarts with apples as its main filling. It is usually served with whipped cream or a homemade vanilla ice cream on top.

Making delicious apple pie recipes is also the perfect way of family bonding for parents and children as well as among siblings.

The secrets behind yummy apple pie recipes

Apple pie recipe

The apple pie recipes’ crust

  • The crust is generally used for making the apple pie. It can be a double crust pie where the upper crust is similar to a disk shape or the usual weave like strips, while the lower crust makes it the base of the pie.
  • Other crust variation is the top only crust of a deep dish apple pie and the open tarte tatin.
  • To make a delicious crust it is necessary that it includes shortening and butter. These two key ingredients make the crust flaky and salty. It is equally important to pay attention to your crust while you mix and blend your crust ingredients. Of course, a smile while doing this will definitely add to the flavor of your crust.

The apple pie recipes’ filling

pie recipe

  • Apple fillings range from the crispy and acidic flavor of the Bramley or Granny Smith apple variation to the canned apples. The type of apple you choose will affect the filling’s flavor as well the cooking time. It is highly advisable to use fresh fruits and use the canned ones when fresh apples are not available.
  • After slicing your apples, it is also helpful to soak your apples in water with a tablespoon of lemon juice. This will avoid discoloration of your apples.
  • Mix your apple with the cinnamon spice and cider vinegar to achieve a flavorful filling.

Enjoy the sweet smelling aroma while you bake your apple pie. It is also worthwhile to brush a little bit of egg white on top of your crust if you want to have a glossy looking top crust.

The benefits of good apple pie recipes

Apple pie recipes aside from bringing the family together also have a number of health benefits. This sugar and spice flavored pie regulates blood sugar and enhances insulin sensitivity owe to its cinnamon ingredient.

The apples on the other hand assist in lowering cholesterol and provide a good serving of fiber. Both cinnamon and apples aids the probiotics in the body which then helps in strengthening the immune system.

This indeed affirms the healthful and heartwarming benefits of your apple pie recipes which makes it an iconic desert of all times.



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