Coffee seems to be a part of so many of our lives and schedules. But, where did coffee originate?

morning coffeeAnd how long has coffee been a part of our routine? Who drinks the most coffee? And where is coffee not so popular?

In the beginning, coffee was just in Ethiopia because Ethiopia is where the first coffee beans were cultivated.

Over the centuries coffee has moved around the world and become a staple in the following areas and to the following people; Arabs, Yemen, Mocha, North Africa, and finally India and Europe.

When coffee was first discovered, it was discovered when given to goats and people noticed after eating the coffee beans the goats exhibited signs of vitality which now we know is the caffeine giving us a boost.

brewed coffeeHowever, it was in Yemen that coffee beans were first ground, roasted and brewed like they are in today’s society. And by the 15th century coffee as we know it today had pretty much spread to every continent.

The most minor coffee producer of the continents and countries in today’s world is Australia although coffee began begin produced in Australia back in the late 1800s. In 1981, Arabica coffee began production and is the main coffee produced in Australia today.

The first coffee plantation was located in Brazil. In 1727 seeds for making coffee were smuggled into Brazil from Lt. Col. Francisco de melo Palheta. It was a rarity and only for the higher class people in the late 1700s, however by the 1800s, coffee was being mass produced in Brazil.

To break it down into simple terms there are currently two different types of coffee beans; Arabica and Robusta. It is known throughout the coffee world that the Arabica beans are usually the higher quality coffee beans. It is not uncommon to see ads promoting coffee that is 100% Arabica.

dark roast coffeeThis is a good, strong coffee made from a high quality coffee bean. And under the Arabica umbrella there is a multitude of different flavors of coffee to suit individual coffee drinkers’ tastes. Over the past decade there have been many more flavors introduced to the coffee world.

There are also different types of roast; light roast, medium roast and dark roast coffee types. A smooth, mild taste is found with light roast while a balanced yet robust taste is found with medium roast and if you want a bitter taste on your tongue with a smokey after taste you would be looking for a dark roast blend of coffee.



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