Fish cakes are easy to prepare and tastes perfect, especially when you add a bottle of white wine at your table.

Fish CakesThe ingredients you need are one cup cooked cod, halibut, salmon or tuna, one cup mashed potatoes, 1/4 cup thinly sliced green onion, 1/3 cup chopped pepper, 1/3 cup chopped fresh herbs, one tablespoon grated lemon zest.

For the crab cake coating you will need: two eggs, 3/4 cup all purpose flour, one cup panko breadcrumbs, one tablespoon oil and one tablespoon unsalted butter.

First you need to do is get a large bowl, where you will have to mash together all the fish cake ingredients. Mash them roughly and shape the mashed mixtures into patties. The preparing of the crab cake coating is the one task that will take more time.

Set a skillet on high heat and start adding the oil and the butter, then simply dredge the patties in a mixture of flour, eggs and crumbs. Put each of the dredged pieces into the hot skillet and do not crowd them. Cook them until they turn brown and crispy. The average cooking time of each piece is about 5 minutes per side. You can serve them and combine with a sauce and white wine.



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