Cake recipe has been around for a very long time now. People have been making cakes all through out history and have been preserving their marvelous creations in their recipe books.

cake recipesMost of the time, these delicious cakes you order from a restaurant or cafe comes from a list of generation old family secrets perfected through time.

Sometimes you may wonder how they actually make the cake so delicious and perfect that it makes you come back for more. You may have even thought of creating your own cake recipe; perhaps replicating the cake you had and add a little personal touch to it.

If you plan to bake a cake for guests and base it on a cake recipe, maybe it would be best to know the kinds of cake and the difference they have with each other.

This way you can determine the type of recipe you would cook for guests for all sorts of occasions. Here are the basic cake recipe and their difference from one another:

  • Sponge Cake Recipe – These recipes teach you how to bake a porous and light weight cake that is made from the basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, and sugar.
  • Chiffon Cake Recipe – Based on the name itself, these recipes teach you how to bake cakes that are very light weight whose common ingredients are flour, baking powder, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, and other baking flavorings available.
  • Butter Cake Recipe – Derived from the name of the cake itself, its main ingredient is butter. Although the other integral ingredients are present to make this cake, the amount of butter as compared to the other ingredients, is more than usual. Butter cakes are usually velvety in texture.

Butter Cake Recipe

  • Pound Cake Recipe – The name of this cake is to be taken literals since the ingredients used for this is measured at a pound each. The main ingredients such as butter, sugar, flour, and eggs are present in this recipe. The finished product of these cakes is usually in loaf form.
  • Pancake Recipe – These recipes show you how to make pancakes that are generally a basic form of cake. Pancakes consist of thin batter which is usually fried. And best served with syrup.

Cakes are very important for occasions, thus the need for cake recipe. With all the available recipes that can be found, you should not have a hard time actually looking for one.

What you do need to know is exactly what kind of cake recipe you need for that certain occasion you have. For example, for birthday parties you might want to consider the different cakes recipes and pick one that best suits the occasion.

Perhaps a more colorful cake would be advisable, although you can also opt to choose a simple one. It would really depend on you and what your preference is. Another example would be a cake recipe for a simple cocktail. You might want to consider a simple yet tasty cake which is butter based.

Regardless of what occasion it may be, always remember that there are hundreds of cake recipes available out there. Maybe you might have a long list of recipes that could be handed down by your grandmother or other family members.

You may also check the internet for unique sources, but be sure to check the comments on the cake recipe itself written by others who have tried it before.



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