Today’s standards make us feel guilty if we look less than perfect. I mean, you have to have a slim body; you have to be well toned in order to meet with the criteria, in order to be recognized as good looking.

On top of that, every nutritionist worldwide will give you his tip on eating a healthy diet.

What I offer you is a simple solution. Instead of reading articles on healthy food, spending your money on different nutritionist advices, or wasting time on counting calories, you can take my advice.

Eat salads. I suggest this because it is less than a meal and you can make it much more tasteful than a regular salad.

healthy saladThose of you that are already dieting must have read about or tried the salad thing.

What I get the most from dieting people is that salads become boring after a while, after you get used to the same taste.

Well, I guarantee that a salad can never become boring and that there are a million ways to make it different yet delicious every time you have it.

Although it is widely considered a diet dish because of the low value of calories, particularly fat, and the richness of dietary fiber, still the salad can be a feast for the senses. All I’m saying is that you get two birds with one stone. You have a healthy meal that is extremely delicious.

It is what I do every day. I will give you an example. This is just the way I eat my Caesar salad. I have the usual ingredients: lettuce, bacon, croutons and cheese. I get it, eating this prepared the same way every time may become boring.

Caesar SaladsBut I give a little bit more effort and I make myself a dressing that makes the Caesar salad become the joy of wonders. And I never get bored, not with Caesar or any other salad.

In general, my suggestion is adding few extra ingredients to the salad, just to make it more tasteful and a bit different. I do this with every salad, no matter if it is an egg salad, potato salad, meat or green salad. And the best thing in it is that I adjust the taste just the way I feel like it.

Let’s say that I feel like eating something hot. I add some chili sauce and I have a piquant salad. The possibilities are endless. There are a lot of ingredients that can be used and I use them all.

Basil, parsley, corn, crushed or minced garlic, onion, mustard, extra virgin olive oil, curry, Parmesan, mozzarella, olives… I can go on forever. And it does not have to be prepared in the form of a dressing to turn my salad into a real celebration.

greek saladsMix some chopped tomatoes, some cucumber, feta cheese and olives and you will get a Greek salad. But add some mozzarella, some seeds and ginger to all of that and you are will get something else.

Do you get the idea? That is what I do with my Greek salad. I still have something that is healthy and that will make my body look amazing, but I also have something that represents a real delicacy.

For me a salad is something to enjoy, a real treat for the senses. It is a joy of combinations, tastes and smells yet it looks amazingly on a plate.

Every salad, with the right ingredients and enough imagination can be turned into something out of this world; it can be turned into the food of the gods.



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