Complex, rich and flavorful are the three words fit to describe Polish food.

Consisting of traditional Slavic fare, but influenced by French and Italian meals the  Polish food is making a strong comeback.

The traditional cookbook of Poland includes soups with mushrooms and beets, broths and various kinds of delicious meat dishes.


Among all the different meals there are 3 most popular Polish dishes which are recommended to be tried.

Bigos, is the first interesting stew meal of Poland. Including different kinds of meats (smoked pork, spare rib, bacon, pork loin chop or pork rib and smoked kielbasa – sausage) and various vegetables (tomato, bay leave, cabbage, onion) and unexpected ingredients (sauerkraut, apple juice, water, pepper/salt, mushroom) this stew may scare the stomach at first.

However, including all the meats and veggies, it is actually a healthy meal. Plus the secret of Bigos is that it gets better when it is reheated.

ZrazyNot all of the Polish food as hard to prepare as Bigos. Zrazy, for example, can be considered as the second most popular food of Poland and has an easier preparation process.

Breadcrumbs, mushrooms, cucumber and bacon are filled inside a slice of thin sirloin beef. The beef then is fried and grilled, letting all the flavors to assimilate.

Usually Zrazy is served with a cucumber salad or Mizeria, which includes chopped onion, sprigs of dill and slices of cucumber with lemon sauce.

As the third popular food, the Polish mushroom soup, is made from a large variety of mushrooms and it is preferred in winter evenings.

Dried mushrooms are boiled with parsley, different vegetables or meat stocks. Then butter and chopped onions are added and the dish is served with sour cream.



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