The wine can perfectly compliment a food course or it can completely destroy it. This is why it is essential to know what wines are suited for every recipe.

It is true that certain rules work but do not hesitate to choose the right wines from the recommended groups.

Here is a description of the most famous assortments of wine and the right or wrong food choices that are very common even in the most elevated occasions involving wine and food serving.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This type of wine has a very strong flavor so when you serve it you have to be very careful not to “kill” the menu flavor with its robust bouquet.

The best fit for it is the roast beef baked in the oven with red wine sauce. The worst possible choice is for sure fish file with vegetables.

The fish has a pretty delicate taste and this taste will for sure deteriorate when combined with a strong flavor like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pinot Noir

This very popular, lighter, red wine is certainly one that everyone loves and appreciates and it is hard to find somebody who will not like its slightly fruity flavor. Still this does not mean it will fit any dish.

The best match is chicken with apricots because any recipe like this covering moderate flavors with a light fruity touch will bring forward the perfection of the wine.

The worst combination is chicken with tarragon and vinegar because this combination of vinegar and herbs will “crush” the wine’s flavor. Generally Pinot Noir does not fit the acid food flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a very elegant wine with a stronger taste and a flavor that reminds of grapefruit. This is the perfect wine for so many dishes but of course not for all of them.

The best choice is perch with fresh herbs and lemon because the dish bears the same citrus flavor like the wine and also compliments its flavor.

The worst possible association will be Brussels sprouts with blue cheese and green lettuce because the blue cheese is not suitable for Sauvignon Blanc. The two flavors are two strong to co-exist.


The classical Chardonnay has a special, classical fruity taste. The right dish for it is pork with cider because the cider will compliment the pineapple taste of the wine.

It is not a good idea to serve it with chili lamb because the strong taste of the lamb combined with the strong spices will make the wine flavor fade.


Fizzy wines are generally easy to combine with diverse types of food because the acid note makes the taste come alive.

The perfect match is spicy Asian noodles and chicken salad because the light dry champagne is the perfect match for the Asian dishes, especially because of the spices used.

The disastrous choice is combining it with chocolate cake. Serving cake with champagne is a very common mistake. They are both too sweet and their sweetness will mix in a very unpleasant way.



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