The past decade has brought us an amazing array of designer items; designer jeans, designer shoes, designer cars, designer homes and designer cakes.

The new popularity of designer cakes which are also referred to as novelty cakes has created a huge and booming business for people and catering companies who can create these masterpieces.

novelty cakeDesigner cakes have become such a huge money maker in the past few years especially even considering the economic recession.

For example you are hosting a bachelorette party and you want the perfect designer or novelty cake. Chances are very good you could find someone who would be able to make a cake in the shape of a sexy stiletto or even the bride’s fiancé.

Maybe you are hosting a bridal shower or a baby shower, you will certainly be able to find a caterer or cake baker who can create a cake in the shape of a wedding dress, a chapel and in the case of the baby shower a diaper bag or even a rattle!

designer cakesAnd consider this, even though you are going completely out of the box and having a designer cake made in the shape of who knows what this does not mean you have to give up flavor or taste at all.

There are designer and novelty cakes that are still made with whatever flavor is wanted for that particular occasion. For example you can still have your chocolate cake, lime cakes, white cake and even red velvet or jelly cake.

Think Nascar cake for the avid racer or think Bert and Ernie cake for the little one who loves Sesame Street or Barney for the little one who loves the guy and maybe a birthday cake.

Nascar cakeTo add to the mania and craze of the designer cakes and novelty cakes are the new and hilarious cake toppers. There are Miss Piggy and Kermit cake toppers for the TV Muppet Show lover and there are two tier beach themed cakes with caricatures of the bride and groom for the beach lover. There are fabulous cakes and festive cakes and colorful cakes.

There are designer cakes of the head table and entire wedding party and there are novelty cakes of Miss Kitty. There are clown cakes and volcano cakes.

There are gothic cakes and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory type designer and novelty cakes. There are divorce cakes with appropriate figurines and there are anniversary cakes with appropriate themes.



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