Let’s go to Mexico and drink margaritas in sin”- this sentence was part of a famous before year’s song of the band Bitter: Sweet.

In that spirit we are simply offering you, instead of margaritas and Mexico – one Daffodil Driver and a sunset at home. In case you are in a mood for cocktails we are suggesting you to try one of the best cocktails for the spring/summer season. It is easy to prepare at home and doesn’t require special efforts.

The ingredients for 1 drink are: 1 ounce tequila, ½ apricot brandy, ¼ orange liqueurs Grand Marnier (if it is possible), ice cubes, apricot nectar, orange and lemon slices.

Prepare your shaker and combine the tequila, the liqueur and the brandy. Put ice and start to shake until cold enough. Sip it into glasses filled with ice and top with apricot nectar.

Add the orange and slices as a perfect top of your cocktail. In case you relay on the quality, just make sure the tequila is Jose Cuervo Especial.



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