There is one recipe, which surely will amaze with taste – the roast chicken with herbs.

The preparation is easy and it tastes really different from all other roast chickens you ever have tasted. The ingredients you need are: 1.8 kg chicken, 50g butter, 175 g seedless grapes, 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley, 2 tbsp chopped tarragon, onion, breadcrumbs, 540 ml chicken stock, 1tbsp plain flour, and 4 tbsp dry white wine, salt and pepper.

The first step is to prepare the stuffing. Combine the butter and the onion in a saucepan, cook for no more than 5 minutes, until it melts.

Transfer the mixture into a bowl; add the breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, grapes and tarragon. Season it with salt and pepper and set aside.

Season the chicken, remove the breast skin and open a pocket for the stuffing. Place the stuffing and add butter all over the chicken. Cover with foil. Place the chicken in a roasting tin and cook for 1 hour, until its brown.

Drain it and keep warm, meanwhile make the gravy. Tilt the roasting tin and pour more excess fat. Put the tin over low heat and stir, add the wine and the stock for no more than 10 minutes. Carve the chicken and serve covered with the gravy.



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