The main reason for which it is so very hard to give up the food fats is because without them the foods we eat lose their savor and amazing taste we love them for.

If you succeed to bring savor to your food without using fat you will only gain from it. Here are a few viable options we all heard about but maybe never had the courage to try.

If you like your salad to be “dressed up” with a rich unctuous dressing and you are not satisfied with a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you can prepare a wonderful dressing from low fat yoghurt and spices exactly fitting your taste.

If a good old dressing containing mayo and sour cream has around 8 grams of fat per teaspoon, the yoghurt dressing has only 2 grams, hence it is fat and health stress free.

The green salads although very healthy can might as well become boring and without savor. We recommend you to vary the salads adding spinach leaves, cucumbers, carrots and other colorful vegetables.

For barbecued fish or chicken you should really forget about the delicious tartar sauce. A simple fresh lemon juice can give the stake the excellent savor we all know and love and in the same time keep the meat light and healthy.

In the traditional kitchen the vegetable oil is something common and of course used regularly. If we replace the sunflower oil with olive oil we will for sure see the benefits.

The olive oil is perfect for salads but also for sautéed vegetables and meat. The extra virgin oil might be a little expensive but it is for sure worth it considering the healthy eating benefits.

If you boil the chicken meat but do not make a chicken soup you can use the water to make mashed potatoes or to stew vegetables. It will add a lovely meaty taste and save you the trouble of using oil.

If you like the flavored sauce you buy in the supermarket you can make some at home. A delicious vegetable salsa with spices or a spicy sauce of hot peppers and tomatoes are the right recipe to eat healthy.

The nuts are a source of valuable fats and they can add flavor and taste to any dish. A handful of almonds can enrich the yoghurt or the cereal bowl.

Instead of butter and cheese use spices. Fresh or dry spices will compliment your food without extra fat, so basil, tarragon and curry can spice up pretty much any kind of dish.



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