We all heard of them if not tasted the famous “feta cheese” and the excellent olive oil. They are the symbols of Greek cuisine and many people were so accustomed to consider them as such that they forgot completely about the fact that the Greek food is so much more than that.

A meal served in Greece is usually underlined with a special selection of hot and cold dishes called mezedes. The Greeks also serve a small variety of soups but generally they are a meal by themselves and not one of the courses.

The experience of a Greek feast should be considered at least once in a life time and the memories you will be left with will be for sure treasured.

The Greek main course is meat. Whether that it is pork, chicken, beef, lamb or fish the meat is served boiled or grilled. There is also a large variety of meat stews for your pick and also the classical lamb and pork baked in burning coal called “souvlaki”.

Very appreciated dishes like fish, sea fruit and salads are served with the main course and the salads are filled with fresh vegetables and very often dandelion leaves.

A classical Greek salad is “horiatiki” and you will have to admit that the combination of sliced tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, onions and feta cheese; dressed up with balsamic vinegar and olive oil will create a delight you will surely remember.

The most popular cheese in Greece are the notorious feta – a white soft salty cheese, graviera – yellow and slightly harder, kasseri – semi soft and also yellow and manouri- creamy, rich and not at all salty.

The desserts are so loved in Greece and they are all bearing the mark of the Mediterranean air. Here you can taste the baklava and kataifi – nuts dressed in wheat and covered in honey sauce.

During summer the multitude of amazing fruit are perfectly served inside wonderful puddings or are simply enjoyed with all their wonderful flavors.

The Greek coffee is strong. Usually served with a glass of water this drink is able to resurrect all your senses for a night of music and dancing.

The restaurants in Greece are called taverna – a pub serving traditional Greek cuisine with all its charm, psistaria – where the barbecued meat is the main attraction, estiatorion – the Greek a la carte restaurant and psarotaverna – the fish tavern specialized in fish and sea fruit very common on the Aegean seashore and inside the main tourist resorts.

Greek food is all about eating well but also eating healthy. It is a place where the culinary experience creates addiction, and the place where the Mediterranean influence is strong in every type of food you are served.

Greece is the place where you can find the best olive oil, the loveliest oranges and the true welcoming spirit of good food served by warm hearted people.



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