Pierogi is a Polish originated dish extremely similar to the Italian ravioli we all are so familiar with and even closer to the tortellini we like to buy, boil and enjoy for their rich filling.

Fundamentally the Pierogi are boiled dumplings filled with a large variety of delicious sweet, sour or salty combination. The filling composition is quite different and mostly depends on the Poland area the Pierogi are coming from.

So this is how you can find Peirogi filled with boiled and mashed potatoes, cheese, cabbage, meat or mushrooms. The sweet options include a large variety of sweet cheese and fruit combinations. Berries, pears, apples, plums or cherries are the fruits most commonly used as a filling for the Pierogi.

In their home land, Poland, the Pierogi can be found in the largest variety of forms and tastes. If in the past the Pierogi were the food of the working class, today whether they are salty, sweet or spicy they have become a very popular tradition.

Nowadays they are served at public holidays and they are considered the typical Polish food.

How to make them?

Making them is very easy actually. Usually the dough is rolled very thin and then cut in circles using a glass or a cup. The filling is put in the middle and the dough is folded into a half of circle.

Then the pierogi are boiled in water until they float, then they are removed and left to stay. The next step is to fry them in butter before serving.

The salty type is served with slices of fried bacon, onions and mushrooms while the sweet types of Pierogi are served with whipped cream and apple or maple sauce.

The international Pierogi look-alikes are mostly carrying the tradition of the country they were adopted in. In Hungary they are called “derelye” and they are filled with meat or jam. Here they are considered a festive treat suited for special occasions such as wedding parties.

In Slovakia they are found under the name of “bryndzové pirohy” and are regularly filled with salted cheese.

In Ukraine people call the dish “varenyky” and are served filled with meat and accompanied by bacon and onion.

Hungary and Ukraine are known for preparing the famous curd cheese and roasted onions Pierogi while in Canada the filling is mostly made of cheddar cheese.



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