Smorgasbord is actually the most common way for serving guest. The Swedish tradition behind it was based on the idea that people should enjoy several food types by sampling from all the dishes presented at a table.

In this Swedish buffet tradition the food is presented in a smart table setting according to some basic ground rules. These rules say that the dinner plates should be set at the begging followed by the salty food, the circuit ending with deserts, napkins and cutlery.

The way food is displayed follows the basic principle of eating habits but also it is a very functional way to serve a large number of guests when hosting an event. That is why the practice of the smorgasbord can be found at breakfast, lunch and dinner in almost all the hotels of the world.

In the Finish tradition the same style was practiced at the coffee breaks. With this occasion several types of hot drinks were served following the same principle and they were accompanied by a wonderful display of cakes, biscuits, cookies and sandwiches.

The Swedish buffet has become very popular and even private homes use it pretty often when entertaining numerous guests.

The table setting is actually pretty simple and once mastered in can be used in any occasion of your choice.



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