Making a perfect cocktail is not that difficult but you should know the secrets to make people love your home-made cocktail.

You don’t even have to be a professional bartender to do this, so it’s quite simple and easy to be done anytime you think about making a cocktail yourself.

First, please make sure that you have chosen the best ingredients around. You don’t have to buy the most expensive bottle in the market, but keep in mind that you are looking for the quality when you go to the liquor store.

The price range is about $20-30 for a bottle and usually what you get for that cash tastes nice. Fill your liquor cabinet with quality ingredients so you could make a better experiment for your perfect home-made cocktail.

When considering the ingredients, make sure that all the fruits are still fresh before you use them otherwise they will influence the taste. It’s much better to go for the fresh ingredients rather than the canned ones. For example, you could choose a soda siphon instead of bottled soda water because it won’t go flat if you don’t use it right away.

A soda siphon could transform ordinary water into a carbonated beverage. Using carbon dioxide cartridges which are inserted into the handle, it will produce fresh carbonated water for your cocktail.

Another useful tip is squeezing those fruits with a juicer just before you use it. This will make your cocktail taste much better than before.

Thirdly, the glass temperature plays its role. It’s highly recommended to place the glass in the freezer for a couple of minutes before you pour the cold cocktails into it.

The cold glass will keep your cocktail colder for a longer time. This results a refreshing drink your guests will surely enjoy.

Think that a spectacular cocktail is all about garnishes. You could use several garnishes like orange, lemon, or lime. Use the garnish if only it will suit and perfectly blend with the flavor of your cocktail.

Don’t forget that those garnishes must be in a perfect condition. Using a fresh garnish is also important to bring a better flavor to your drink. Garnishes are also great for the drink’s appearance.

Finally, it’s about the measure. Some people think that they could guess the right amount of those ingredients they will use in their drink.

But the truth is you should not do it if you want a perfect taste from your cocktail. A perfect amount of everything will result on the perfection that everyone pursues in a glass of cocktail.

Photo Credit: AngelinaSantana



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