All around the world, chocolate cakes have become a ubiquitous symbol for celebration, good times, birthdays, and anniversaries.

From pocket sized chocolate cakes to large, elegant ones, they are loved all throughout for their sweetness and taste that no other type of sugary substance can bring.

Not to mention that chocolates bring out our endorphins and put us in a happy mood, chocolate cakes are undoubtedly one of the well-loved desserts no matter how old we are.

Although chocolate cakes started becoming popular as far back as the 19th century, its evolution today has brought a myriad of many different types and variations.

Baking them has also become very easy with the use of modern utensils and equipment. However, in order to bake the most perfect chocolate cakes, there are some essential utensils your kitchen must have. These include:

  1. Two large bowls which you will both need for preparing ingredients. Some recipes of chocolate cakes will require mixing egg whites separately from the cocoa powder and other dry ingredients. Some recipes may also require pouring melted chocolate cake to the mixture before baking, so two bowls are always a practical choice in your kitchen.
  2. Measuring cups and spoons are also essential for the perfect cake. We all know that unlike cooking, baking is an exact science and therefore should be followed to it. Cake recipes require us to measure liquids in both small and large amounts, hence the need for cups as well as spoons. Plastic is the material of choice in order to avoid keeping stains on them. Many bakers’ supplies will also sell both together.
  3. Whisks, spatulas, and spoons are also needed for baking chocolate cakes, so make sure you have these essentials in your cutlery drawer. The whisk will be needed for beating eggs and the cake batter, the spoons for folding and tasting, and the spatulas for smoothing out corners and mixing butter. Choose a large tablespoon, about 15ml, and also use a wooden spatula to keep odors of other ingredients away.
  4. You’ll also need metal baking tins to place your chocolate cakes once you bake them. The tins come in many shapes and sizes and are ultimately up to you, but you get just one or two generic sizes to work with.

Toppings for chocolate cakes

You can get creative once it comes to finishing off your sweet, delicious masterpiece. Two classic toppings are commonly used; these are the chocolate butter icing and the chocolate ganache.

The chocolate butter topping is very easy to make and only requires blending together 3 oz butter, 1 oz cocoa, and 6 oz icing.

The chocolate ganache uses dark chocolate, usually preferred by adults so you can substitute this with milk chocolate if you are baking chocolate cakes for children.

You can also sprinkle toppings of your choice, such as chocolate chips which should be placed once the cake has been removed from the oven, grated chocolate, fruit jam, and cream. Your creativity is the limit.



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