Looking for a charming restaurant or lounge could never been easier than looking for it in Chicago. You could find various restaurants around Chicago and all of them have their own personality and characteristics to fulfill all your needs.

From a laid-back spot to an intimate atmosphere, they could help you to attain a romantic night with your loved one.

If you are looking for something upscale and luxurious, Zed 451 is available for you. Just head north from Chicago’s Loop, you could find a restaurant that could make a professional culinary connoisseur feel satisfied.

You could try an antipasta buffet of salads and then you could meet those exotic cheeses, savor the warm soups and the deliciousness of Zed 451’s pasta.

After the buffet, their professional chefs will serve various meats and fish famous for their original, delightful taste. Feel the perfection of your night with a taste of Zed’s unbeatable cocktails; it’s really worth the cash.

One of the most common reasons that make a couple go out for dinner is because of the romantic atmosphere. Geja’s Café in Lincoln Park understands what you are looking for.

With over 40 years of experience, they could provide the most classical yet beautiful romantic atmosphere for you and your half. Equipped with candle light interior and soft guitar music, they take care of your privacy by providing secluded booths.

If you are on a budget limit, just feel the creamy taste of Geja’s Café cheese fondue or taste the boldness of their chocolate fondue. They are available for just around $20 per person.

When speaking of atmosphere, lovers can go for an Italian restaurant as they are real experts in creating a romantic atmosphere. You can meet at the best of the Italian restaurants around Chicago, Gioco, which is located in the South Loop area.

Giving a casual attitude, you could easily talk with your loved one while enjoying some great drinks at its bar.

Gioco is sharing its sweet beauty without being too pretentious and they also offer some traditional Italian dishes. Some of them are quite rare to find, but really worth trying.

The last option is a private lounge where you could have the intimate atmosphere. While a conversation is a very essential factor in the relationship, you could not do it at most crowded bars around Chicago.

The Violet Hour in Wicker Park has the limit to allow only a certain number of guests. This candlelit lounge equipped with high backed chairs and the soft music will get you relaxed and ready for your private conversation. Cell phones are banned all the time so here nothing will be able to interrupt you.



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