mexican crab saladHere is one recipe, which is surely very special for the season – the Mexican crab salad with chili mayo.

The ingredients you need are: 1 large ready-dressed Cromer crab, 170 g tub ready-made guacamole, 100g watercress, spinach and rocket salad, 1 ½ tbsp Hellman’s mayonnaise, 1 ½ tbsp Lea & Perrin’s Cook’s Helper Chili and Garlic Sauce, 1 fresh lime, cayenne pepper and coriander leaves.

The preparation is easy and fast. The first step is to empty the crab and prepare it. Season it with salt and pepper, lime and coriander leaves. In a different bowl, combine the mayo, chili and garlic sauce as you whisk them with a little bit of lime juice. If you like it hotter, add more chili sauce inside.

Divide the salad between the plates and add guacamole on each plate. Place the divided crab on the plates and drizzle chili mayo on each salad. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and combine with bread and butter.



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