While some people feel afraid and hesitate to drink any dark beer, here are some good reasons to enjoy this mysterious drink. The reasons are not necessarily related to the actual drink, but more to the nostalgia, rebellion and also romance it could offer your mind.

The taste of its boldness will easily hook you to drinking some more. While it’s quite stronger than any ordinary beer, the dark beer could give you a little headache if you not used to it.

Some dark beer lovers admit that this mysterious drink distracts them from various cerebral activities which means it will be harder to focus if you consume too much dark beer.

But, the ultimate taste of this unique drink is more important than that. While you need to feel the comfort and save yourself from the crowd and the remains of a complicated day, this bold drink is definitely for you.

To truly enjoy a dark beer, don’t just look for a motivation but also get the knowledge how to enjoy it. There are various ways to enjoy the dark beer, but this time you won’t drink it directly from the tall glass.

You could feel the rich taste of dark beer in your dessert by soaking in it the fruit before you make a pudding with them. You can also try to drench a piece of tiramisu cake with some dark beer to make the bitterness and the sweetness blend perfectly into one perfect harmony.

Next, you could also use dark beer for your beef and stew. While cooking meat on the pan, especially beef, you have to pour in the dark beer to take the strong taste out from your meat.

It will be perfectly delicious if you use the meat to make other dishes like dumplings, or even a beef pie. If you like, you can also use the same treatment for making a big beef casserole decorated with crisp Marmite toasts.

In the end you won’t only find the ultimate taste of dark beer in your dish, but also a beefier taste from the meat. If you pour the dark beer with honey and sugar into a pan, you could get a sweet glaze to coat your pork loin or cover various roasted stakes you desire to make.

Through these various ways, you could enjoy the dark beer using your own creativity and get the best of this mysterious dark drink.

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