fishFish is one the most popular sources of proteins. They come in various species with most of them edible.

They can be prepared in many ways which make them an ideal part of people’s diet.

Many people prefer eating fried fish. Frying makes fish more delectable and flavorful. However, fish is one of the most difficult foods to fry.

Once you don’t know how to fry it properly, you will end up burned by oil or with your fish no longer edible. Here are some tips to help you fry fish like real pro:

1. Clean it thoroughly

    You must clean your fish carefully before frying. Remove the scales, fins, and tail as well since they may hold water which can make oil pop when cooking.

    2. Rub cornstarch

      One way to make sure your fish are fried correctly is by rubbing corn starch all over it. Cornstarch serves as protection for your fish against overcooking. It can also make fried fish crispier and have that perfect golden brown color.

      3. Drain well

        Before you fry your fish, let it dry in a strainer. Remove excess water to avoid having fried fish which is cooked in the outside but still undercooked in the inside.



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