vegetable oilsDifferent recipes call for different ingredients. Indeed, the kinds of ingredients you use play a big role in cooking dishes.

In order to save time, money, and effort, you must stock up on ingredients you often use in cooking.

Ingredients are the key to the success of every dish you cook.

They spice up your cooking, add more flavors, and make every bite as mouth-watering as ever. Below are some of the most common ingredients you couldn’t cook without:

1. Cooking oil

    Cooking oil like canola, corn, and vegetable oils are important ingredients in the kitchen. You use oil in cooking dishes that involves frying. They are also used in making salads.

    2. Herbs

      Fresh and dry herbs must be present in your kitchen. They add aroma and flavor to your every dish. You can use them in marinades, in stuffing chicken, and as garnishes.

      3. Salt and pepper

        Every dish calls for salt and pepper. You add them to every meal you prepare since they are considered as the best flavor enhancers around.

        Your kitchen should always be equipped with the necessary things you need in preparing your meals. Ingredients like the ones above must always be present since they are those which we commonly used in cooking.



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