Truffles have always been one of the most delicious and expensive products present at any official table. They are tasty, luxurious and their presence is nowadays a symbol of classy and refined kitchens.

In case you are wondering why they are so expensive, you need to know that truffles actually come from special places in France and Italy. Both countries are famous exporters of this delicious food.

trufflesOne of the most expensive sorts of truffles is the black one and despite there are truffles in U.S., the black truffles are only considered to be of guaranteed quality if they come from Italy or France.

The professional cooks often praise them as the food of the elite, just like they do with the black caviar.

Truffle oil is another culinary pleasure allowed only for those, who really like refined dining.

Still, you have to make sure what exactly are you buying and watch out for the certificates that clearly show the source of the truffle oil or the source of the truffles.

The white truffles are most common at the market but even they can reach the price of $100.



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