A salad recipe pertains to any variety of dishes that combines various ingredients in a bowl, topped off with a dressing which is the salad’s sauce.

There are many kinds of salads one can make, as you can also alter the salad recipe to your liking. They can also be served cold or hot, but more often than not they make use of raw fruits and vegetables.

A salad recipe is easy to make and assemble; it hardly involves the need to cook or wait. They are healthy, good snacks, and easy to pack for lunches at work or at school.

Many people have also used salads in their weight loss diets but if you decide to do so make sure to use low-fat and low-calorie dressings, many times we don’t realize that it’s the sauce we use that makes us gain weight.

Salad recipes you may try

  1. Vegetable salad recipe – usually makes use of vegetables such as tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, onions, avocadoes, cucumbers, celery, radishes, carrots, and others. These ingredients can be combined with other ingredients for a more filling dish, such as pasta, seafood, cheese, beans, potatoes, cooked peppers, and even rice.
  2. Green or garden salad – composed of leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, and spinach. These are common in low-calorie diets for weight-loss, as long as they do not make use of other fatty ingredients such as sugary salad recipe dressings, cheese, olives, and many more.
  3. Fruit salad recipe – Entirely made out of fresh fruits, fruit salads are a great cooler for the hot summer months when served out of the refrigerator. You can make your own or serve fruit cocktails that come from the can. Add condensed milk and cream and cheese to make it an excellent dessert.
  4. Bound salad recipe – Uses a thick sauce as a dressing, and can also be used as a sandwich filling. Common types of bound salads include potato salad, tuna salad, and chicken and egg salads.

Salads can be served during various parts of the meal; such as for appetizer, side dishes, entrée salads which are heavier and typically include bigger portions of protein, and dessert salads.

Common salad recipe dressings

  1. Vinaigrette-based, which makes use of oil, vinegar, pepper, salt, and other herbs for flavor
  2. Creamy dressings are derived from mayonnaise but can also contain sour cream or yogurt
  3. Cooked dressings are derived from creamy dressings but are cooked through gentle heat
  4. Sesame oil-based salads are common for most Asian salads, also combined with soy sauce or citrus juice

You can also include toppings or garnishes in your salad recipe. Most recipes dictate how much garnish to add, but you are free to put as much as you enjoy the flavor in your salad.

Common toppings and garnishes include bacon bits, anchovies, cucumber bits, sliced pepper, croutons, nuts, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, crab meat, cheese, and berries.

If you’re on a strict diet, avoid the dressings like mayonnaise and other high-calorie ingredients.



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