There is perhaps nothing so inviting and comforting as a big bowl of wholesome, steaming hot soup for a cold winter’s evening. In summer however, that steaming hot bowl may be far less inviting; the heart may well yearn for something chilled and refreshing instead.

Cold soup can be tricky to be sure and one has to make sure that it does not happen as author Fran Lebowitz put it, “the dinner guest is left with the impression that had he only come in a little earlier he could have gotten it while it was still hot.”

And there is a reason you have to stop at gazpacho when you’re thinking of cold soups; they can be sweet or savory and there are many variations of the cold soup or the chilled soup theme that can successfully be tried out:

  • Gazpacho is probably the most popular cold soup. It uses veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers etc, often with a shrimp garnish. There are many regional variations of the basic gazpacho, and you can try one from several such as the Gazpacho or Malaga (Spain), the Gazpacho of Seville, the Gazpacho of Segovia, the Gazpacho of Cordoba, and the Chlodnik from Poland. There are also Greek and Turkish variations to this basic cold soup.
  • Gazpacho Blanco is made using seedless white grapes, cucumbers, yoghurt and some hot pepper sauce. This is a cold soup that needs no cooking; it requires mainly blending of all the ingredients in their proper quantities and proportions.
  • Ajoblanco is a Spanish- Central Andalusian almond soup. It is a high calorie, hearty cold soup made with bread and almonds with a dash of vinegar and some light garlic seasoning, and a lot of olive oil as well.
  • Creamy artichoke soup can be served cold or hot, and requires use of artichoke bottoms, potatoes, onions, chicken stock (can be replaced with vegetable stock as well) and some whipping cream. Can be served garnished with delicious lemon mushrooms.
  • Even those that may not like eating it do in fact enjoy asparagus soup. Chilled asparagus soup can be delicious and refreshing with ingredients such as shallots or leeks, dry white wine, chicken or vegetable stock, butter and whipping cream.
  • Cold soups are often fruit based and sweet to taste such as the Melon and Mango cold soup which can be flavored with mint, wine and yoghurt and requires no cooking.

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