CookiesIsn’t it fun and exciting to make your own homemade cookies at home? It can help you unwind and at the same time strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

Children simply love eating fresh homemade cookies straight from your oven.

Cookies are just some of the most favorite snacks in the world. They are tasty and easy to prepare. One thing that makes cookies special is that you can actually decorate them.

Below are some creative ways to decorate your homemade cookies with your child:

1. Spread with icings

    You can spread icings of different flavors and colors on your cookies. You can even make your own design or pattern.

    2. Top with sprinkles or sugar

      Sprinkles and granulated sugar of varied colors can also make your cookies more attractive, colorful, and delicious.

      3. Fill with jam

        You can make cookie sandwiches by filling them with your favorite fruit jams. You can even spread jam on your cookie.

        4. Top with chocolates or nuts

          You can also top cookies with chocolate chips or ground nuts like peanuts and almonds. These will make your cookie more appetizing and nutritious.

          You can start by decorating your homemade cookies and making them more palatable and attractive by using different kinds of toppings and fillings.


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