Healthy food means life and we all know it. Here are some of the healthiest foods, which need to take a place at your home table. One of them is the olive oil. Since centuries this oil is famous for its health giving properties.

Using olive oil is 10 times better then using simple vegetable oil, which leaves the food greasy and heavy.

Try to include more yoghurt in your diet, for it is a well known antioxidant and helps you stay young and healthy. Another good food is the fish and the seafood.

Fish food, when it’s not fried, contain lots of omega-3 fats that are cholesterol killers.

By eating fish, you are actually improving your heart system and rhythms.

Despite the clichés about the chocolate, it is actually a healthy food. Go for the dark chocolate, for it prevents the risk of high blood pressure and kidney diseases.

Nuts are also among the healthiest foods, for their consumption gives your body vitamins, minerals and other healthy photochemicals.

As for the alcohol, wine is known as the best medicine to prevent disease like heart attacks, diabetes and others. Take the wine in small doses and you will see its effect on your health.

Blueberries are must, in case you want to eat healthy. They are at the top of the healthiest fruits and it is already proven that they are anti- aging providers.



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