fruit shakeAre you tired of the usual fruit shakes you often prepare? Would you like to try a different flavor?

Do you want to get the best nutrients out of your fruit shakes? Now you can with healthy fruit combos.

Trying out new recipes every now and then has its benefits just like making your own fruit shakes by combining different kinds of fruits.

Fruit combos are healthier, tastier, and definitely easy to prepare. Here are some amazing healthy fruit combos you should try:

1. Pineapple and orange

    These fruits are rich in Vitamin C. Drinking a glass of this fruit combination can supply you enough Vitamin C for one day. Pineapples are also fruits known for its detoxifying properties.

    2. Apple and mango

      This must-try fruit combo is rich in Vitamins A and C for clear eyesight and stronger immune system.

      3. Banana and apple

        You will truly enjoy the rich combination of banana and apple. This combo is abundant in Vitamins A and B.

        4. Watermelon and cherry

          This fruit shake can rehydrate your body in seconds. It is also naturally sweet and refreshing.

          Fruits are very healthy. You can make creative, delicious, and nutritious fruits shakes by combining your favorite fruits.


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