It is difficult to find a person, child or adult, who has an aversion to pizza; however the ubiquitous pizza is a much maligned villain known to be high in calories and not exactly good for your waistline or your health.

So what do you do if you love pizza but know it isn’t good for you? You make it at home, using some of the options and ideas below, to make it not only a far cheaper option but also more delicious and healthy as well:

Start with the dough: You can go with store bought dough or in fact a store bought pizza base that is readymade. This is of course a less satisfying option than actually making the pizza dough at home and baking it along with the pizza!

Also when you make it yourself, you can be assure there are no preservatives and additives in there. Another benefit with home made pizza bases is the fact that you can select a healthier option for the flour you use: rather than using refined flour, you can use whole wheat flour, making the entire dish healthier.

Hold back on the cheese: Yes cheese is delicious, but sinfully fattening as we all know and this is perhaps the most calorific part of the pizza.

You don’t have to drown your pizza in cheese, you can instead create layers of flavor from other fresh ingredients, such as veggies and seasonings, and even perhaps some cleverly used fruit.

Make your own pizza sauce: This is another way to make sure that the additives, preservatives and added sugars can be avoided.

Using fresh tomatoes or even tomato paste, you can easily make pizza sauce at home. Make a large batch at a time and store in the fridge, which can then be used and reused when needed.

Use fresh seasonings: You can improve on the taste of store bought pizza by adding seasonings and herbs of your choice to your pizza.

Use plenty of veggies of your choice: Pizza is a great way to add veggies to your and children’s meals. A variety of veggies such as bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, sliced tomato, egg plant, artichokes, can be added to the topping to add both color as well as taste to the dish. You can go organic if you want the dish to be even healthier.

Use unprocessed meat: Rather that use salami, use chicken stir fried with a few herbs for taste. Avoid the preserved meats; rather use lean cuts of fresh meat for your pizza topping.

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