Tomato recipe dates back as early as 17th century. It has been a staple in many foods worldwide from soups to sandwiches and pasta to main course dishes.

Its distinct taste of sweetness and sometimes sour compliments the flavor of the food to which it is mixed.

In the preparation of your tomato recipe, you should consider which tomato type fits your dish. Here is a selection of the most commonly used tomato in a number of tomato recipe meals:

  • The round tomatoes also known as the spherical juice tomatoes are ideal for salads and when thinly sliced can go well with sandwiches. Its slimy seeds are easy to remove to the cook’s delight.
  • The plum tomatoes are known as consistency tomatoes, it is perfect for tomato recipe involving tomato paste.
  • The firmer and chunky small cherry or grape tomatoes also go well with salad. Many use this type for their tomato recipe snacks.
  • The wide tomato also compliments your favorite tomato recipe sandwiches.
  • When fresh tomatoes are scarce, you can always rely on the canned plum tomatoes. These canned tomatoes are valuable especially during the winter season.
  • Sun dried tomatoes, due its strong and concentrated taste, will compliment your tomato recipe pizza, which usually have anchovies, capers or olives.
  • Green tomatoes which are unripe can be fried or breaded. Among it, famous tomato recipe is salsa or pickled tomato.

Here are some helpful tips in choosing and storing your tomatoes for your one of a kind tomato recipe:

  • In choosing for the wide selection of tomatoes in your grocery, it is important that you use your sense of smell in choosing the freshest tomato. The most aromatic to your sense is also the most flavorful.
  • Choose the tomato which is round and feel heavy for their size. There should be no bruises or blemishes.
  • Do not refrigerate your tomato; it will lose its natural flavor. It is advisable to store it in a cool and dark place and use it within the next coming days. Should you need to refrigerate it, remove it one hour before using it to revive its natural flavor and taste.
  • Canned tomatoes should be used within six months. Once opened, transfer it to a different container, preferably in a glass for one week.
  • The left over from your tomato paste and sauce can be frozen for two months.

This measure will make sure that your tomato recipe is edible and fit for consumption, making it nourishing and healthy.

Tomato recipe is also a good source of healthy foods. Tomatoes are rich with Vitamins A and C. Its fibers are rich in magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, iron and beta carotene.

The tomatoes are also low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. As such, you can derive the following health benefits:

  • Your lycopene rich tomato recipe like tomato soup and tomato sauce makes it good anti oxidants which obliterate lung and prostate cancers.
  • It also decreases the risk of breast, stomach and neck cancers.
  • Its anti oxidants are also good for the heart which thwarts chronic diseases and even helps against premature aging.
  • Tomato recipes are also rich in foliate which diminish the risk of spinal cord and brain defects during child birth.


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