The dinner etiquette represents a major part of any social event. Here are some tips how to follow the official etiquette at the table. Always unfold your napkins and use it for your fingers or lips.

The serving must be done in a certain order. First you serve the lady near the host, then the other ladies. Same goes for the gentlemen, as you start from the host too.

The knife and the fork should be held with the handles in the palm of the hand. After you finish the dinner, just place them in the center of your plate.

Always taste the food, despite you don’t like it. It shows respect to the host. You can eat the dessert with spoon and fork.

If you feel you had enough, simply move the plate away. This is a sign you are done. When a lady is leaving a table, the gentlemen should stand up as a symbol of politeness.

If you are leaving the dinner, always thank in person the hosts of the dinner.



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