It is never easy to choose what kind of fish to serve at your table, but in the recent years there is a new theory about it.

In case you intend to follow a healthy cooking style in your life, here are some tips how to choose healthy, useful and mostly “green” fish for you and your family.

good sea food 1

According to the experts, the fish that we should cook is the fish that holds several criteria. First of them is the cleanliness, which means lack of contaminants, antibiotics or mercury.

The second criteria are the abundance and the sustainability influencing directly the cost of the meal. The third criteria, which help us to find out more about the fish is the impact on the environment. The fish is green if it doesn’t harm the other marine life.

good sea food 2

Those three criteria form the idea about what kind of fish we should consume. The salmon, bass, trout, pollack, mackerel, perch and shellfish are sustainable and clean not to mention tasty to prepare and enjoy.

So are the mussels and the farmed oysters, pink shrimps that are wild-caught, sport prawns and others we normally enjoy to cook.

good sea food 3

Based on these criteria, you can choose by yourself, but you must consider some fish are better to be avoided. These are the raw shellfish, especially those from warm waters, as well as the imported shrimp, no matter if they are farmed or wild.

The reasons are many but among them is the fact that the food we cook should not only be tasty but also a viable source for our health.



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